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Submitted on
June 22, 2012


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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 22, 2012, 7:43 PM

Yeah....winter sem sux!!
in less that a week, assignment deadline!!
hahahaha :iconotlplz:
Oh btw, thank you for the previous previous journal's answer~


:iconrosy-chan-san: Kyuu by rosy-chan-san AT: TotallyBananas by rosy-chan-san
:icondeathatsunrise: Shebari by DeathatSunriseACA: Goodnight by DeathatSunrise
:iconsellleh:Red Riding Hood and The Wolf by Sellleh- clairvoyance - by Sellleh
:iconisoscelestriangle: Full Moon by isoscelestriangleVenus and Jupiter by isoscelestriangle
:iconshioriyue: IA - Aria by ShioriYueFallen Angel- Longing by ShioriYue
:iconcamillianna: APH: Francine Bonnefoy by CamilliannaAPH: Alice Kirkland by Camillianna
:iconboggeydan: Ib in dA muro by BoggeyDan Rinnosuke Morichika in a coat by BoggeyDan
:iconzenzenblah: Kotone Keiko by zenzenblah AT - KiiroUramiSora by zenzenblah
:iconmayumi0desu: Jus skin and bones by mayumi0desuRiku: Snarl by mayumi0desu
:iconsulfur905: Sulfur's Page ID by Sulfur905Ammy's Hall by Sulfur905
:icontalespirit: Fenris by talespiritLi Xingke by talespirit
:iconchrovee: :.  toy shop display  .: by ChroVee.:  Kagamine Rin-Ur Style  :. by ChroVee
:iconprinceoffire: Ophelia at the RiverShe sits by the river
that is littered with lily pads
and fixes her hair
adorned with flowers.
The tree upon which she sits
extends over the river
and grows its stems high.
There are more flowers growing at its base.
All nature around her is green,
but the dress she is wearing contrasts in blue
with gold trimming and adornments.
In her lap sits a pile of flowers.
O Ophelia, you are a beauty to see,
a tragic character enticing romantics.
But why do you sit there fixing your hair?
It will just get messy underwater.
Demon Dentistry, part 1Or
An Appointment with Dr. Michaelis
Time period: Modern day
Location: London, England, UK
      Ciel Phantomhive sat in the waiting room of the new dentist office that appeared in town. His tongue ran over a tooth that felt very painful and was probably infected. The young boy didn't like going to the dentist and refused to have any appointments made until finally his throbbing tooth gave him so much agony that he agreed to go, albeit reluctantly right to the end. An appointment had been made to the new location because they seemed to have the earliest opening spot available for a check-up. The dental office had been there for little over a month and yet Ciel had already heard both positive and negative things about it. One thing that worried the young British noble was the rumour that the main dentist, Dr. Michaelis, never used painkillers no matter the procedure and that he seemed to enjoy making the procedures as uncomfortable as possible for

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  • Reading: pronz i mean manga!
  • Watching: Tiger & Bunny
  • Playing: League of Legend & elsword
  • Eating: food!!!
  • Drinking: water
mayumi0desu Jun 22, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thank you for le feature ^^
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