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April 10, 2012


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Rush working zDD~

Tue Apr 10, 2012, 4:06 AM



:iconshrimpheby: Drizzle by shrimpHEBY Tiger and Bunny by shrimpHEBY
:iconmarshybarks: Lighting by marshybarks Flutterby by marshybarks
:iconryo-thae: Traveling by Ryo-Thae :thumb282335104:
:iconboggeydan: The Mooned Insect's Kick by BoggeyDan Madotsuki in the Land of Ooo by BoggeyDan
:iconmizury: Ernest by MizuryChe -Kaito- by Mizury
:iconfart-sama: :thumb294193695::thumb294762479:
:iconrosy-chan-san: Rainbow Dash - Walking On The Rainbow Road by rosy-chan-san :thumb292097877:
:iconmichikorabbit2: Contest Entry by Michikorabbit2
:iconremoteangel:Chapter 1 Cover by RemoteAngel
:iconxera-chanx:  :thumb283485372: :thumb290546779:
:iconyuulru: Commission - Elias by Yuulru
:icondeargdoom:  Pumpkin Head by DeargDoom
:iconprinceoffire: Killing My EgoWho is that man I am staring at?
Is it me? He looks like it.
He has all the same features I do, save one thing:
His wings are black where mine are white.
We stare at each other for some time.
Neither speaking nor moving,
Just staring.
Staring at the strange man before me.
Suddenly out of nowhere he lets out a laugh
And then looks upon me with a wicked grin.
Suddenly the calm blue water below us
Becomes enraged in a blazing hellfire.
We swordfight for a while, matching blow for blow,
Until I see an opening for attack.
I pierce his gut with my sword and draw black blood,
Then I cast him into the fires below.
But he does not fall into the fires below.
Instead his body softly lands in a field of black roses
While I ascend into the sky.
Demon Dentistry, part 1Or
An Appointment with Dr. Michaelis
Time period: Modern day
Location: London, England, UK
      Ciel Phantomhive sat in the waiting room of the new dentist office that appeared in town. His tongue ran over a tooth that felt very painful and was probably infected. The young boy didn't like going to the dentist and refused to have any appointments made until finally his throbbing tooth gave him so much agony that he agreed to go, albeit reluctantly right to the end. An appointment had been made to the new location because they seemed to have the earliest opening spot available for a check-up. The dental office had been there for little over a month and yet Ciel had already heard both positive and negative things about it. One thing that worried the young British noble was the rumour that the main dentist, Dr. Michaelis, never used painkillers no matter the procedure and that he seemed to enjoy making the procedures as uncomfortable as possible for

:iconminopin: :thumb295217774::thumb293863883:

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Yuulru Apr 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So pretty! *_* Thannk yoouu~
* v * //rolls around your journal <3333
*lick around my journal
PrinceOfFire Apr 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Nice variety as usual.
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