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Submitted on
January 17, 2012


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Final Feature a Go

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 17, 2012, 4:27 PM

And thus few more days to go~
Sorry for the delay haha was sidetracked.....


Manself: Shaprio by YuriihimeHathor by Yuriihime:thumb268486297:Red Panda ID by talespiritCalendar Project: Gilbert August by talespiritCommission - Kuro Doku by talespiritLelouch vi Brittania by talespiritChevalier by MignonPotatoPushing Daisies by MignonPotato Painter of WordsA poet
Is a painter of words.
His pen is a brush
And the paper is a canvas.
Words become pictures
In the portrait of one's mind.
They are strokes of a pen,
But each line represents something
And together they form a piece of art.
But what is a letter?
For in many languages they are different.
My brush
Strokes against this canvas
And lays down the lines of a face,
But the face is not that of a human.
Instead it is the face of FACE,
The very word I am using right now.
One stroke down and two across – that is F.
Two diagonal strokes and a horizontal one – that is A.
One curved stroke – that is C.
One stroke down and three across – that is E.
Now, I have just painted a FACE.
A poet
Is a painter of words.
His pen is a brush
And the paper is a canvas.
Senses in a Coffee ShopI smell
The warm scent of coffee in the air,
The faint scent of baked goods that adds to it.
The air is sweet.
I taste
An Iced Chai that I ordered.
I wanted to try something new,
Though personally I find there's too much ice in it.
I see
People sitting and chatting with each other,
The whirling of the blades of ceiling fans.
It is a comfortable environment.
I hear
The conversation of a group of people,
People placing orders at the counter,
And the hum of the machines that prepare the beverages.
I feel
The warm air of the establishment,
The cold cup that contains my drink,
And the Iced Chai as it passes over my tongue.
Such are my senses in a coffee shop.
The Old Man in the CornerAn old man sits in the corner.
He mutters to himself, with words of disgust.
No one is around, he is all alone.
They have all gone far away.
He was not always like this:
A bitter old man who forgot how to smile.
It was a slow development
That gradually grew over time.
He used to be a caring man.
He loved his family, friends, and neighbours,
But slowly money became more important to him
And he spiralled further and further out of control.
It started with saving a few dollars, which isn't bad.
Everyone likes money in their pocket.
But as he gained more ideas to save cash,
His happiness slipped further and further away.
He would complain at restaurants so he could get free meals
And began getting things only on discount.
He would also begin harassing his own family
And friends suffered endless complaints.
He barked, bugged, and berated.
He complained, insulted, and more.
He angered his peers until they could take no more
And left him to his increasing misery.
He had all the money he saved
Hey, Mr. RighteousHey, Mr. Righteous,
I see you behind that podium
Pounding your fist like the dictator you are.
You say we're all going to hell.
Hey, Mr. Righteous,
You act as if you are a saint
You act as if you are holy
But I can see through your whole scene.
Hey, Mr. Righteous,
You tell us luxury is a sin
But I see you drive around in that big fancy car
Sipping sweet, sweet champagne.
Hey, Mr. Righteous,
Have you not read Paul's Letter to the Romans?
"Do not judge those if you have committed the same sins yourself".
Oh wait, I forgot...You NEVER sin...
Hey, Mr. Righteous,
I see you standing on a balcony, wearing that weird tall hat.
You say we must believe the exact same way as you
And that all other ways are wrong.
Hey, Mr. Righteous,
Jesus said to love your neighbour,
But you tell your followers to hate them.
Your actions make Jesus cry.
Hey, Mr. Righteous,
You say that God did all this for you,
You say whatever you do was God's decision.
I guess you're saying God loves you more than us.
Hey, Mr.
1-Ply How Thou'st Betrayed Me1-Ply, oh 1-Ply
How you torture me so
With your sandpaper texture
And your brittle holding power.
Many asses scream for your mercy
But the screams fall on deaf ears.
Do you enjoy this suffering?
Are you a sadist?
Does inflicting so much misery get you on?
It must, or you would not do it.
Even children must suffer your wrath
And the elderly...have you no shame?
Manipulated for profit, ah yes.
You know what you've been made for.
The higher ups use and abuse you.
Just because you're the cheapest of your kind.
So you hand the suffering over to us.
But now I see the reason why.
1-Ply, oh 1-Ply. Your life is such misery.
You are used and then thrown away.
Such a sad situation to be in.
Now as I finish in the facilities
And stuff tissue in my undershorts to soak up the blood.
And I shall take leave of you and your sadistic ways
To create misery for all those around you.
OC: Xerus by XBlack-MistXOC: Shura Hisui by XBlack-MistXS.A.M.S Mascot Guy by XBlack-MistXS.A.M.S Mascot Girl by XBlack-MistXGift- DJ Maguro by talespiritHook by twyri This Is The Moment by twyriJack Skellington by edwardscissorhands33Ribbon Dancer by edwardscissorhands33

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XBlack-MistX Jan 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY much for the feature!!! -glomps- I really appreciate it sooo much haha!!!

Hope you're well? and Thankies again XD XP

xX <3 Xx
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