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Submitted on
July 26, 2012


2 (who?)

Featured and result of limited colour war poll~

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 26, 2012, 6:20 PM

Purple/Violet won~

And ya welcome for the feature :la:


:iconrosy-chan-san: Kyuu Yukata PixelArt by rosy-chan-sanKyuu by rosy-chan-san
:iconkai-core: Vanilla.h my galaxy angel by Kai-Corejump attack by Kai-Core
:iconbloodyrip: Comm Foxfire1329 by BloodyRiPH-Hello by BloodyRiP
:iconren-rennightmare:  HBD: Twin by Ren-RenNightmare HBD: Fuzzy-bean by Ren-RenNightmare
:iconprinceoffire: Cupcake BombI'm gonna drop marzipan on you.
A little fondant will run you through.
You'll be bombarded with flour
And you will see my power.
The enemies fear my carrot cake
And anything else that I bake.
My AK-47 brownie gun
Is going to make them all run.
They will cower to my
Cupcake bomb.
Cupcake bomb.
Cupcake bomb.
See the power up my
Cupcake bomb.
Cupcake bomb.
Cupcake bomb.
The number of enemies keeps getting lower
Thanks to my handy crème flambé-thrower.
Vinegar and baking soda will blow them to hell.
In the end, that's all swell.
My marble cheesecake RPG is all loaded.
Our army tank is a slightly bit bloated.
It's heavy and awkward, but we do what we can.
It's made out of an ice cream delivery van.
They will cower to my
Cupcake bomb.
Cupcake bomb.
Cupcake bomb.
See the power of my
Cupcake bomb.
Cupcake bomb.
Cupcake bomb.
A strawberry cream pie right in your face
Will lead you to a big disgrace.
You'll be on your knees and wanting to cry
When I spray cooking grease in your eyes.
Demon Dentistry, part 1Or
An Appointment with Dr. Michaelis
Time period: Modern day
Location: London, England, UK
      Ciel Phantomhive sat in the waiting room of the new dentist office that appeared in town. His tongue ran over a tooth that felt very painful and was probably infected. The young boy didn't like going to the dentist and refused to have any appointments made until finally his throbbing tooth gave him so much agony that he agreed to go, albeit reluctantly right to the end. An appointment had been made to the new location because they seemed to have the earliest opening spot available for a check-up. The dental office had been there for little over a month and yet Ciel had already heard both positive and negative things about it. One thing that worried the young British noble was the rumour that the main dentist, Dr. Michaelis, never used painkillers no matter the procedure and that he seemed to enjoy making the procedures as uncomfortable as possible for

:iconstickyleaf: Freebies_ 2012 by StickyLeaf
:iconlunarlight3: Ayanami-sama by lunarlight3
:iconboggeydan: Megumi Kunisaki Again by BoggeyDan Alphes-style Michiko Gotoh by BoggeyDan
:iconpinkysilva: HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY. by pinkysilvaMilizia: Lolli MANGG. by pinkysilva
:icontianshii: .:Freebie:. InsanityFallsUp by tianshii .:Commission:. Kailetti by tianshii
:iconchrovee: :: polka dots mania :: by ChroVee.: Contest Entry- Ayumi :. by ChroVee
:iconltzel: :thumb315470064::thumb314498130:

  • Reading: pronz i mean manga!
  • Watching: Horizon something
  • Playing: DN and.....Rance games
  • Eating: food!!!
  • Drinking: water
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PrinceOfFire Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome. :iconcoolplz:
ltzel Jul 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :iconheplz:
tianshii Jul 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you! ^^
Metapham Jul 26, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Nice features!
Metapham Aug 10, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
You're welcome!
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