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Submitted on
March 26, 2012


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Endless working + Featured~

Mon Mar 26, 2012, 8:26 PM
Haven't been updating with anything new yet.......
Commisions, assignments and charity work......
Thta's not including school work somemore~!


:icontalespirit: Kiriban 37k: Jefurii by talespiritTrade: Jeffhog DevID by talespirit
:iconboggeydan: That's No Weenie by BoggeyDanScience Dance by BoggeyDan
:iconmkmorreaux: As Ravens Fly by mkMorreauxPP Red Moon Tournament: Round 1 by mkMorreaux
:iconsnow-mishibari: :thumb291163132::thumb291411470:
:iconprinceoffire: Party In HellWell according to you I'm going to Hell,
But if I never see you again then it will be swell.
Hell doesn't seem like a bad place anyway.
For Hell is a place, I'm sure you'll agree,
That's just fitting for someone like me.
I'd rather choose it then Heaven any day.
Are you offended, are you gonna cry?
Or will you throw fits of anger and shout to the sky?
That sounds like something that you would do.
But I do not really care,
As long as you're not there.
It's going to be a much better place without you.
For with all the people you say are down there
I'll have a party in Hell.
A party in Hell.
All the people who can have a good time
Will party in Hell.
We'll party in Hell.
You make Heaven sound like it is boring.
Full of nothing except sighing and snoring,
If it's only gonna be assholes like you up there.
I'm not sure I want to believe in your God
Because the way you describe Him makes Him sound a bit odd.
It sounds to me like He doesn't even want to care.
You say Hell is full of whips and
It hounds me like a stranger.
One that always moves out of the way
Every time I turn around to see it.
It never leaves.
It starts out quite ugly
But gets more beautiful as I go along.
Its strength varies depending on my mood.
It is a very powerful enemy,
But it is not more powerful than me.
Not if I let it.
And I won't.
Failure will be following me until the day I die,
But it is up to me how big it will be.
I am the one that decides its power,
Whether it be strong or weak.

:iconsquaenix: :thumb287290851: :thumb288760905:

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  • Reading: pronz i mean manga!
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  • Playing: League of Legend & elsword
  • Eating: food!!!
  • Drinking: water
PrinceOfFire Mar 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well good luck with all the stuff you have to do then.
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